We believe less-is-more, form-follows-function and that the balance between form and function creates beauty. We let our fabrics speak with movement and we create simple and linear shapes from them. We do not follow short-lived trends but instead produce beautiful garments that manifest intelligent design that can transcend time and generations. purity, simplicity and longevity are important values to us. reuse, repurpose, recycle, and repair are processes we began using in 2020. Our motto of our environmentally conscious community is: 

"Our wardrobes and landfills do not overflow with clothes that are coveted but not cherished, bought but not kept. We protect the welfare of all living things and safeguard our diverse ecosystem." 



                         For each collection, we focus first on sourcing the finest and most innovative of sustainable materials in order to create environmentally responsible garments. Through our careful selection process, we are sourcing fabrics that fit our high standard in terms of quality, purity, and the conscious use of the planet’s resources. Our primary goal is to make sure our clothes feel amazing, comfortable, and naturally beautiful.

                         We use natural, biodegradable, plant-based fabrics that follow the global organic textile standard (g.o.t.s.). We feature new-generation, innovative fabrics such as recycled polyester, plant-based nylon, and aloe vera treated linen (which has inbuilt healing properties). Some of our stock fabrics are reused for home and textile projects or up-cycled into yarns for zero waste collaborations.

                         We are committed to respecting and nurturing the environment. our products are not made from animal skins or fur. Our organic wools are mulesing-free. The wool harvesting process of our suppliers is monitored and animal cruelty-free. We are supporting organizations such as Peta, WWF, and Greenpeace.

Organic Cotton  |  Recycled Cashmere  | Innovative Wool Recycled Polyester  |  Plant Based Nylon  |  Linen  |  Hemp

Innovative Materials


                         To buy less and keep your clothing longer it has to be meticulously made with great attention to detail. We work together with modern craftsmen that innovate but have at the same time deep roots and know-how in traditional tailoring techniques. We are forging strong bonds with and honoring local artisans. Our sweaters are hand-knitted in nyc. recycled fabrics are woven in a Brooklyn-based hand weaving company.

                         We lower our carbon footprint by designing and producing our clothes locally, our factories are in close proximity to our design studio. We are nurturing small family-owned manufacturers in nyc. Our design office is located in midtown Manhattan right in the middle of the garment center where all our manufacturers are located. We are able to monitor the quality by regular visits to our collaborators.

Company Values